Only open a few weeks in Newcastle Street, and I have only been once but, based on that visit, I reckon this is the best Vietnamese restaurant in Perth, certainly the best in Northbridge by a country mile. It has opened in place of what was a Chinese spot just past Money Street, and everything about it is on the money.


The décor is special – light, bright, airy, amazing chandeliers, smart looking furniture, eye catching wall decorations – and I have heard of diamonds in the soles of my shoes, but these guys have diamonds (well perhaps not real ones) in the upholstery of the seating along the wall. Add to this some of the most charming, enthusiastic and friendly waiters, and we haven’t even got around to the food.

They are currently unlicensed despite the illusion set by displayed spirit and wine bottles – but no doubt a licence will come once the licensing authority wakes from its slumbers. But BYO is fine and they do supply very good stemware and ice buckets, too.


To the food – a pretty extensive menu, with plenty of noodle, pork, chicken, seafood and vegetarian options as well as banquets; the Chefs Recommendations caught our eyes and a couple of dishes from here were chosen – but gee there were a lot of tempting choices – Char grilled prawns with fragrant chill and garlic butter and Super Juicy Scallops stir fried with asparagus – plus another from the Vegetarian options – Szechuan Tofu; some rice and we were away.

The first to arrive was the prawns – what a dish – the presentation was impressive – eight large prawns, char grilled in their shells hanging by their tails from a bamboo cup – the prawns were juicy, tender, beautifully cooked and seasoned, with a lovely smoky, barbeque flavour and the mix of green chilli, garlic and lemon had our senses singing – it was a brilliant dish.


The tofu – silken tofu in a chilli based sauce along with crunchy lightly cooked vegetables – baby corn, capsicum, spring onion, carrot, red chilli and more – nicely zesty, simply delicious, the flavours and contrasting textures were sublime.

And our final choice – plump, succulent, perfectly cooked scallops stir fried with spring onion and crisp, fresh asparagus – delicate flavours, beautifully balanced, it was another excellent dish. One to celebrate the asparagus season in Perth.


So there we are – three simply outstanding dishes – and the descriptors of many more so tantalizing I will have to return soon to try more.

Chopsticks is a wonderful addition to the Northbridge dining scene – words and pictures simply don’t do it justice you just have to get along there and soon.

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