Vamos is a Latin American themed cocktail bar, wine bar, restaurant near the Spring Street end of Little Bourke, but upstairs so it doesn’t immediately catch your eye. What did catch my eye was a young lass handing out free drink vouchers on ...

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Gingerboy in Crossley Street, a laneway off Little Bourke was a highlight of a recent trip to Melbourne. From the moment you spy the red neon glow of the sign, entering into a dimly lit, moody world of glossy bamboo, hanging red light fittings and ...

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Punch Lane


Wine bar Punch Lane on the corner of Little Bourke and Punch Lane always seems to be on my agenda when I get the chance to visit Melbourne – and last night was no different. From the moment you walk into the dimly lit rooms with exposed bricks, wine ...

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Bob’s Bar


With Lady FWO I visited Bob’s Bar for the first time in some months, and as always it did not disappoint. Even the famous breeze that has on occasion seen money clawed from clutching hands and soaring into the wide blue yonder was ...

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The Bird


Another of the many small bars in and around William Street, the Bird is decorated in a down at the heels, shabby chic style – church pews are reinvented as drinking booths, mismatched and worn couches and chairs in the window seat, a chair hanging ...

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We dropped along to the PICA bar earlier in the week and taking advantage of the glorious weather sat outside under the spreading tree towards the back of the bar – sitting at one of the bench tables listening to the music piped through the speakers ...

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Lady FWO and I were feeling that, in preparation for the excesses of Grand Final weekend, we should go the full vegetarian and where better to get top quality food than the Middle Eastern inspired dishes at Bivouac? One of the original small bars in ...

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Frisk Bar in Francis Street is something of an unsung hero we reckon. Set away from the main strip along William, Roe and James it sits up near the Greek Orthodox Church, below some apartments. It is quite small inside with exposed concrete ...

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Mechanics’ Institute


Once again WA has won the Best Small Bar in Australia title at the awards night in Sydney – last year it was Varnish, this year that great little rooftop establishment above William Street, the Mechanics' Institute. The bar is above Flipside ...

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Lot 20


I go on a pretty regular basis to Lot 20, in my mind one of the very best small bars around town - situated near the corner of James and William streets in Northbridge with two levels, a bar and eating area downstairs, together with a great little ...

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