Parkerville Tavern


The small hamlet of Parkerville in the Perth Hills, named for the first Chief Justice of WA, is home to local institution the Parkerville Tavern. The tavern is apparently direct descendant of the Railway Hotel founded in 1902 to look after the ...

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Bassendean Oriental Restaurant


One of two Chinese restaurants in and around Old Perth Road in Bassendean, Bassendean Oriental is illuminated by flashing lights outside. Inside it has all the standard fit out of a suburban Chinese - faux wood panelling on some the walls, ...

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Mandoon Estate Restaurant


These days there are a number of very, very good restaurants in and around the Swan Valley and the restaurant at Mandoon remains right at the top of the tree. The development itself is quite stunning, on the banks of the river, a beautifully fitted ...

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Black Swan Winery Restaurant


The Black Swan reasonably enough situated in the heart of the Swan Valley has been a regular - well at least a two or three times a year - haunt for us for quite a while, and we have always enjoyed the food and general ambience. The dining ...

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Max + Sons


Lady FWO, fresh from buying up big to stock up her dress shop in Guildford from the King Street fashion wholesalers, popped into 140 William Street, which seems to be the address of more and more food outlets. At the back of the area towards ...

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Lucky Chan’s Laundry and Noodle Bar


I guess you would have to be living under a rock not to have seen the publicity and stories leading up to the opening, last week, of WA’s first crowd funded restaurant, Lucky Chan’s. In company of a mate who had actually turned up on the ...

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7th Avenue


I think I know where most people around Midland go for dinner on Monday evenings judging by the crowd at 7th Avenue. We decided to train to Midland, but were a little constrained for time as, once more, the PTA in their no doubt infinite wisdom had ...

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The Heritage


The Heritage in the old Royal Insurance building is another of the impressive venues in the Brookfield Place development in the Terrace. Beautifully restored with all the trappings of the era it was built - columns, polished wood, high ceilings, ...

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CBD Restaurant


Well this isn’t really a review for the restaurant as such, but for a function held at Rydges and I guess the same kitchen and chefs are involved, so here we go. We went to our daughter’s wedding reception at the hotel on Easter Monday evening along ...

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Café at the Hyatt


The Café at the Hyatt offers high tea on weekends. Lady FWO with other assorted ladies all celebrating the upcoming nuptials of our daughter (which have taken place since the visit) went along to sample the food and drinks on offer. The high tea is ...

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