Walking into Win’s (in a small plaza of Chinese restaurants at the top end of William Street) you could have gone into a time warp and ended up in a 1960s country town Chinese – the décor is that underwhelming – a little bit of red velvet and a few ...

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Quills re-visited


On our previous visit to Quills, a restaurant in the Wattle Grove shopping centre, some months ago now, we were impressed by the quality of the food, the set up and the general feel of the place - reflecting on that, and on my review at the time, our ...

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Fabulous lunch at Riverbank


It was a very bleak and wet long weekend Monday in Guildford but we heard the siren call of a winery lunch, so headed out to the Valley in search of just that – and after a short stop of tasting at two wineries – Olive Farm and Tyler’s (and more to ...

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Hongkies, in William Street, aims to replicate the cuisine of manager Flora’s hometown Hong Kong, so has a menu that is a little out of the ordinary so far as other Chinese spots around are concerned – dishes from other cultures given the Hong Kong ...

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S&T Thai


Up the top end of William Street S&T Thai has a friendly and welcoming feel about it – the décor is rather plain although it is juiced up a bit with large prints of food ingredients on the wall – limes, shallots. Since I was last there they have ...

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Taking the place of Mama’s Oriental in William Street, Marubang has an attractive and light, airy feel about it - it is a small dining space with a counter/bar to one side – they are licenced but interestingly have only beer and a couple of Korean ...

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Leederville favorite – Duende


Another very enjoyable meal at Duende this week confirms it as one of the best Spanish style restaurants around town – centrally located and part of the popular Leederville, bar and food strip it was one of the earliest tapas places and is still ...

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The Packing Shed at Lawnbrook


The Packing Shed at Lawnbrook in the Perth Hills was re-opened earlier this year after an extensive renovation – set among rolling lawns and gardens, and with a backdrop of bushland, it has become a popular destination for visitors to the Hills wine ...

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Apple Daily


I should start be saying how much we enjoy the food at Apple Daily – its Asian style street inspired cuisine is always on point, well priced and presented. However the last couple of times we have been the service has become a little less than it was ...

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Mela, up the northern end of William Street, opposite the Perth Mosque, has been around for quite a few years, however I hadn’t been for some time, until last week. It has had a little change around as far as the seating is concerned, with some ...

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