Ezra Pound re-visited


Ezra Pound down a laneway off William Street (with benches and chairs along one side of the lane where the smokers congregate), is furnished inside in an eclectic collection of red velvet chairs, sofas and old pews, and with the Edison style ...

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Maddison Cottage

Cake M

Maddison Cottage in Guildford is a tearooms and gift shop – inside are a number of rooms with gift ideas – homewares, flowers, soaps, all manner of things – tables and chairs, and the counter with a display of cakes, scones, muffins, cupcakes, tarts ...

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Toffee Coffee


I had heard and read some glowing comments about Toffee – a café and coffee shop in an arcade off Hay Street just to the east of Barrack – so popped in for a coffee when I was in town recently. Firstly it must be one of the smallest places in the ...

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East Perth’s Blackbird!


We hadn’t been to Blackbird for some time, but were in East Perth one evening and with the rain staying away looked for somewhere for an early dinner by the water – and so there we were –alongside Claisebrook where it flows into a small lake ...

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The Coonawarra Roadshow


The Coonawarra Tasting Roadshow was in town on the weekend – held at the East Fremantle Yacht Club, with sensational views across the Swan to complement the fabulous wines on display. With around 18 wineries and over 75 wines it was a lovely journey ...

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My Bayon


My Bayon, Cambodian food vendors and stall holders at Fremantle Markets, have opened an outlet in Perth – taking over a William Street spot that has had a number of incarnations in recent years. A bit of paint job with grey walls and some quite ...

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Taste Champagne 2017

Deuts Bootles on ice

The 4th iteration of this much anticipated annual event was extended to include Perth (and Canberra) this year – and we were lucky enough to be invited along to the Trade and Media exhibition in the Golden Ballroom of the Pan Pacific ...

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I thought if it is good enough for a well-known “old media” restaurant reviewer to write up a place on a remote hilltop in Italy it should be fine for me to write about a place some Perth people may actually get to – in this case in Hawaii…of course ...

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Moana Coffee


Upstairs in the Moana Chambers building in the Hay Street Mall is Moana Coffee a funky little coffee shop with a balcony overlooking the mall below with tables and chairs, a small indoor space is also available – and the floor is shared with an area ...

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Fromage Artisans


In the basement of the old WA Club building on the Terrace is a new destination for the cheese lovers of Perth – Fromage Artisans. Designed as both a place to try the many cheeses on offer, paired with your choice from the small but well curated ...

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