Brotzeit is a Singapore based franchise aimed at providing authentic Bavarian style food, along with German beer, in a contemporary setting – and they have recently arrived in Perth. Located at 140 William Street which is quickly becoming a go to address with a number of food and hospitality businesses set up there, Brotzeit is an open, airy space, with seating both in and outdoors.


The menu, as you would expect, is heavy on the pork knuckles and sausages, but also has a number of salads, soups, pizza and sides. Each of the dishes listed is accompanied by a photo so you can be sure what you order.

When we dropped past, we had already eaten, but thought we could do a dessert justice, so we picked the Kaiserschmarren which is described as a pancake with rum and raisins, and came served with plum sauce.


The shredded pancake looked quite attractive on the plate, and it had some nice flavours from the soaked raisins and caramelized sugar, however it was very dry, and seemingly, to us at least, overcooked. The sharp plum sauce was an enjoyable addition, but overall it is not something we would rush to order again.


The drinks list is of course geared to German beer but with some German wines as well. On this occasion I eschewed the beer and went for a glass of Kabinett Sylvaner, while Lady FWO ever mindful of the impending nuptials and her dress, chose a lemon, lime and bitters. This is where it all came unstuck….


The floor waiters were friendly and efficient – they took our order quickly – and the meal came out in a reasonable time….but our drinks did not. Other than us, there were 4 other people in the place, but it took a little over 15 minutes and plenty of meaningful looks, to have the drinks delivered. This is not good enough….I shudder to think what would happen if it was busy.


The food is different from other places around town, and I am sure the beer will be grand – but the bar service will need some attention at the least. We will come back to try the meaty German cuisine and the beer, but at this early stage, we can only say Brotzeit has as yet unfulfilled potential.

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