Louis Baxters


Lady FWO is often in and around Subiaco for meetings and can be found between meetings enjoying a coffee whilst industriously working on her laptop. The area around the Subiaco train station is one of her favoured destinations, with offices, ...

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The George


The George in the Terrace has an outside sitting area on the footpath which seems to be very popular; inside is a large, nicely furnished and equipped open and airy space which serves as the bar and casual eating area, while towards the back, fenced ...

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Lamont’s Bishops House


The outdoor Garden Lounge at Bishops House is a delightful oasis in the midst of a bustling city. Surrounded on three sides by glass and concrete monoliths, the artificial grass, the lounge chairs, Chesterfield, stools and tables, lights strung ...

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Brotzeit is a Singapore based franchise aimed at providing authentic Bavarian style food, along with German beer, in a contemporary setting - and they have recently arrived in Perth. Located at 140 William Street which is quickly becoming a go to ...

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Grill and Chill


After leaving the Little Girl Giant to snooze in her chair in Wellington Square on Friday, we wandered up Bennet Street looking for a place to have lunch. Grill and Chill is in a building that used to house, I think a Vietnamese restaurant - the name ...

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The Gaya


Gaya is in an arcade off Kearnes Crescent in Applecross and labels itself as serving Korean fusion cuisine. We dropped by recently to see what it was all about. The only exposure to Korean food we have had in the past is the ubiquitous Korean ...

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Pepper Wine Bar


Pepper, in Canning Highway Applecross, has an excellent wine list - it is not extensive but contains some wonderful wines, and a good cross section of varieties, regions and countries. It shows thoughtful construction and a commitment to ...

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From the tables and chairs, the plywood, hay bale and concrete walls, and the recycled decor, it is clear that Greenhouse maintains its efforts to continue on the sustainable path that it adopted when set up by Matt Stone. The menu on the day ...

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Sitting outside, at the back, of the PICA Bar must be among the more pleasant places around town to have a drink and a snack. The spreading branches of the Port Jackson fig (well it may be a Moreton Bay fig - not being a botanist I am taking a stab ...

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The Woodbridge Hotel


The Woodbridge Hotel (the Woody), a Federation style place in East Street Guildford is something of a local institution; local pub; live music venue; bistro; drive in bottle shop; and TAB. We wandered over for lunch the other day - just a short walk ...

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