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Went along to the Guildford last night for dinner; the crowds during the week have slackened since the hectic times when it re-opened, but it still pretty crowded at weekends and with summer on the way no doubt the popularity will build. In the evening during the week at the moment it is easy to grab a table which we did, downstairs – all ordering is still at the bar so near to that area seemed a good idea.

The food remains of the pub food style, and it is done pretty well, too. We ordered a couple of mains – the brisket sanga for young Lady FWO, and a dish of roasted cauliflower for me.


The sandwich – in a brioche type bun had Lady FWO raving –smoked brisket, succulent and juicy, melting in the mouth, sticky and smoky, topped with a mound of cheese oozing over it, and pimped up with crunchy pickles, and a basket of well turned out crisp fries – excellent!

The salad – roasted florets of cauliflower, tender but with a pleasant firmness to the bite, was accompanied by puffed rice, crisp and brown, sweet sultanas, nutty dukkah, fresh kale, spinach and a dollops of rich, creamy, sharp hung yoghurt. A bowl of healthy delights!


With our meal we shared a bottle of Arlewood 2014 Cabernet Merlot. A bouquet of ripe plums and mulberries, along with a dash of characteristic Margaret River eucalypt – the palate medium bodied, smooth with chocolate and plum flavours. Nice food wine.

Once again, however, I will harp on about the wine list – it is small and there are good wines on it – Thompson Estate, Arlewood, of course, Silkwood and good to see small Margaret River producer Mon Tout featuring; but gee they miss the chance to do something to promote the area they are in – yes Sitella have a wine on the list, as do Olive Farm and John Kosovich has a couple – but why not more from the Swan Valley and Perth Hills? It seems such a foregone opportunity.


Anyway, once again we had an enjoyable time at the Guildford – it has a great atmosphere, and the renovations are outstanding. Service is friendly and food and drink hit the markers. And hopefully it will continue in that vein and not be brought down by the appalling prospect of a low rent, multinational, burger barn behind the pub complete with all their tacky neon and plastic – oh and their plastic burgers too. The appeal against the original rejection should be thrown out in the interests of good taste at the very least.


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