Apple Daily

Apple Daily in the tremendous Brookfield Place development never fails to impress with its food, quality, ambience and atmosphere. On the mezzanine floor above the bar and elegant dining room of Print Hall and below the bustling roof top Bob’s Bar, it turns out stylish and contemporary Asian inspired food, packed with flavour and designed to share.


On the night four of us went along – me and Lady FWO, our son and his lovely inamorata – it was already humming at 6.30 on a mid week night; we were delivered to a table on the far side of the area – the entrance side has a number of spacious booths where I have eaten on many occasions, but this was the first time on the other side – a host of tables and chairs, attentive waiters, and a real buzz about the place.


The drinks list is well designed with a good range of beers and a smart selection of wines including many aromatic whites which really suit the food. On this occasion however we went for a bottle of 2011 Cabernet from the excellent Great Southern winery, Xabregas. This wine has lovely red berry aromas, with underlying hints of violets and mint. The palate is full of ripe fruit, chocolate tones, and with pronounced black berry notes. It has smooth tannins, and is an elegant and well structured wine.

The menu has a changing list of street inspired food – small and larger plates – but all made with the aim of sharing. Our selection – beef rendang, green papaya salad, char kway teow, and smoked trout fried rice.


The char kway teow, a favourite breakfast dish when I visit Penang, was outstanding. The thick slippery rice noodles, stir fried with a delicious spicy sauce, infused with the salty tones of dried shrimp paste and brimming with prawns, scallops and squid, has a wonderful smoky flavour and is as authentic as you can get. Brilliant.


The rendang made from rich, tender, juicy beef cheek has great flavour which evolves as you eat – starting with the zesty freshness of ginger, then the rich savoury notes of the meat, chilli heat, and finally creamy coconut milk at the back of your palate. The aroma is equally addictive with its heady fragrance of lemon grass, ginger, garlic, coriander…..


Smoked trout fried rice was a large serving of beautifully cooked rice, interspersed with sweet corn and trout – the salty, smoky flavours of the fish were complemented by a spicy relish of fried duck egg – it was another great dish exploding with flavour and a perfect accompaniment to our other courses.


When we ordered the green papaya salad we were warned it was very spicy – however somewhere along the way it lost that element – it was still very good, the lovely sharp sour flavour of the papaya was refreshing; the papaya shreds were crisp and fresh, peanuts and dried shrimp added crunch and salty tones, but no chilli was evident…oh well…


Apple Daily is an impressive, relaxed, polished and very popular spot, turning out top quality, very tasty, well priced food – four of us with more than enough to eat, plus a bottle of top notch red for $160 in such a great venue is a bargain we thought.

The waiters are friendly, efficient, professional and knowledgeable, able and willing to guide you through the menu and wine offerings. Watching the guy who served us clear our table with such natty and nifty moves was worth the price of one course alone. We love this place and definitely recommend it.

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