A Malay surprise in Midland

It is interesting to pop into a local pub and find that along with the “normal” pub meals you would expect – burgers, parmis, fish n chips and the like- there is a Malay food selection but there was and these are what we tried at the Grand Central Hotel in Midland at lunch.

The dining room is well appointed – cloth napkins and all – and called KL Station, a nod to the Malaysian capital I guess. The staff are welcoming and friendly and the menu, both the Malay section and the other dishes provide a good range of choices.
The small wine list had a very pleasant rosé from South Australia’s Howard Wines, to complement a pretty enjoyable meal. A few more wine choices would not go astray, however.GCWINE

So to the food – Char Kway Teow had the characteristic smoky taste to the slippery noodles, although the chilli component was too mild for mine – but with a spicing up would have added to what looked good on the plate.

The murtabak was spot on- the roti well cooked and the vegetable filling very good (other fillings available). I enjoyed this and would happily have it again – as I am sure I will!


Moving to the laksa, we asked for the spice levels of the laksa to be pumped up – normally they are made mild, apparently for “local tastes” – and we received a very enjoyable dish. Still not overly spicy but with a good buzz to complement the coconutty soup, and extra chillis as well, small prawns, squid, tofu and fish cake slices, along with 2 boiled egg halves, bean sprouts, noodles. All in all a satisfying bowl of this classic dish.


As I said, somewhat of a surprise to find these dishes on the menu and I will be back to try more – and some from the other menu, too. If you like spice remember to ask to have the levels pushed up when you order. It was an enjoyable lunch all round.

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