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I think I know where most people around Midland go for dinner on Monday evenings judging by the crowd at 7th Avenue. We decided to train to Midland, but were a little constrained for time as, once more, the PTA in their no doubt infinite wisdom had determined the Midland line should close in the evenings again…how many weeks will it take to give us the improved service the closures are supposed to bring? Anyway we had to be back to the station by 7.30 or be reduced to a replacement bus so we scurried on over.


The 7th Avenue is a pub pure and simple and advertises “old fashioned service at affordable prices” and that is exactly what we found. There is a neat little outdoor area at the front – unfortunately that is also where the outcast smokers hang out, so we ventured inside. The place is quite large – a public/sports bar area as well as the dining area and a longish bar make up the space inside.


We headed to the dining area and scored a table – if we had come much later that may not have been the case – many of the empty tables were reserved and by the time we left only a couple of tables for two were left. It is a very popular place.


The menu contains many of what you would expect of a suburban pub – fish and chips, lamb roast, chicken parmigiana, lemon pepper calamari, chilli mussels, beef burgers, pork ribs. We set our sights on a couple of mains – chilli prawns and Thai green curry with chicken and placed our order at the kitchen counter.


Casting our eye over the drinks list we (Lady FWO mainly) were disappointed to see an absence of rosé but when I went to the bar I spied a bottle in the fridge and so a bottle of 2014 Pitchfork Pink was produced. Other than that there is a small range of wines available – and good to see that WA wines take pride of place – Frogbelly, Devil’s Lair, Madfish, Houghtons, Evans and Tate, Driftwood and Amberley – although a few more from the Valley and surrounding areas would be nice.


Pitchfork Pink, from Hayshed Hill in Margaret River is a dry style, made from Cabernet Sauvignon, and as its name suggests bright pink, with strawberry and cream aromas. On the palate quite pronounced berry flavours predominate, with a touch of confectionary – but it finishes long, crisp, dry and refreshing.


The food arrived quite quickly and we tucked in.


The chilli prawns, twelve good sized cooked with their tails, had an agreeable firmness, and came in a tomato, spinach and chilli sauce, along with a couple of mounds of jasmine rice. The sauce, not too hot but with a little chilli lift, also showed pleasant sourness, the rice well cooked, grains separate. All in all this was a fine little dish, flavoursome, well cooked and nicely presented.


The green curry – there was a choice of chicken, prawns or vegetables – contained moist, tender chicken pieces, in a coconut and basil broth, with a zing from chilli. Peas, beans, corn, cauliflower and broccoli added crunch and contrast. Steamed rice and a pappadum completed the meal.


With the last train arriving we departed for the short stroll back to the station happy with the food we had been served, with the prompt, efficient and friendly waiters, and the general ambience of the place. And we were impressed also with the size of the crowd. They must be doing something right. This is good, solid pub fare in the heart of Midland and well worth a trip.

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  1. Sophie says

    I’m a Midland local and, yes, they do something right. As someone who cannot go past ordering a Thai Green Curry if it’s on the menu, I recently ordered it from 7th Ave and I was bitterly disappointed by what was served. It looked almost exactly like yours but was not impressive to eat in the slightest. Would not recommend that meal.

    • The FWO says

      Thanks for your comment Sophie, on the night we went the Thai green curry had all the flavour combinations that we would expect of Thai food, albeit perhaps milder than a Thai restaurant may serve.

  2. John Thompson says

    I live in the hills. This is my favourite restaurant in the area. I always found the staff to be friendly and their specials are worth travelling for. I have never waited more than 20 min for our main meal even though this venue can get very busy. I agree with all of you comments. The beer of the month at $4.90 a pint is a winner. They have kept this price for as long as I can remember six maybe seven years. Well done to everyone connected to the venue.

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