Tasting China

One of my favourite restaurants in Canberra has long been the Chairman and Yip and on our recent trip I was a little disconcerted to see it was no longer at its Bunda Street address – I found later it had moved to new digs in Barton – and in its place is Tasting China. Well we were there, so in we went…. Still a very elegant and inviting ...

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Shanghai Flavour

You cannot judge a book by its cover – or a restaurant from the first glance – this pretty unprepossessing little spot up towards the end of William Street proved to be something of a surprise, and ...

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The Bourbon Kitchen

One of the newer places we visited on our recent stay in Canberra was Bourbon Street Kitchen in the old Sydney Building in London Circuit. Inside it has a striking mural on one wall depicting New ...

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Parlour Wine Room

In Canberra last week for a few days I was luckily able to visit some of the eating and drinking hotspots – both familiar ones and some new to me – and one of the former was Parlour Wine Room in the ...

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Grand Lane Fish House

The newest laneway experience in the Perth CBD, the Fish House is in Grand Lane which runs between Murray and Wellington a tad back from Barrack Street. It has a small inside area and a very pleasant ...

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Temporado – May 2017 Canberra visit

I really like this place and on my recent trip to Canberra made sure it was one of the place we visited. It is one of Canberra’s best bars. The wine list is very well put together and includes some ...

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Pizza Rustica

Pizza Rustica opened last weekend in the Ethel Street courtyard, just behind the Guildford Village Market row of shops along James Street. Only opening in the evenings – Thursday to Sunday at this ...

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Pad Thai

Six Senses – Leederville

Six Senses Thai in Oxford Street, Leederville is a world away from the suburban Thai we have been accustomed to – from the impressive décor to the menu it sets itself apart. And it seems this approach ...

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