Louder Louder….Spicy Thai Delights in Northbridge

When COVID restrictions eased back in June 2020, my first port of call in Northbridge was to one of my favourites - Thai restaurant Louder Louder - and a very enjoyable visit it was. So with a spring in my step off I went again last week noting a number of new season dishes were featuring on the menu.   It looks good inside – I ...

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Italian Fare in the Valley

Pinelli Estate Winery Restaurant forms part of the Caversham winery of the same name and is a salute to the Italian heritage of the family. The restaurant is a large, airy and well-lit space with an ...

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Elite Wine Bars

You may have seen our posturing PM pontificating about climate change issues not being solved by inner City elites sitting around in wine bars – I thought that a bit rich coming from a bloke who has ...

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A Spice Journey through Northbridge

Northbridge is home to many Asian restaurants, covering the gamut of the vast continent - Indian, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, many different Chinese cuisines, Japanese, Vietnamese and more. Today I look ...

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Balthazar sets the pace

Balthazar, located in Perth’s best Art Deco building, the Lawson Apartments, continues to be one of Perth’s best eating places – outstanding food along with a brilliant wine list, and excellent staff. ...

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Sauma – one of the best!

The food always impresses at Sauma, my pick as one of the top Indian restaurants around Perth, and our recent lunch did nothing to dissuade me from that opinion. The food is well turned out –the ...

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Baan Baan Thai

One of the best Thai restaurants in Perth, Baan Baan in Newcastle Street, continues to impress. With both indoor and outdoor seating choices and a bar at the front it entices passers-by to enter and ...

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Fremantle Frolics

Fremantle is more and more becoming the centre of the dining experience in the metro area with so many outstanding new places opening over the past year or so, even taking into account the travails of ...

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